Webcasting Rules for your Online Church Services

4 Webcasting Rules for your Online Church Services

When you’re using Webcasting for your online church services, it’s important to know all the rules and regulations, so that you don’t break any of their rules, while making use of their services. Here’s the most important Webcasting rules about copyrighting for your online church services.

Copyrighted Songs

The first thing about Webcasting that everyone should know about when it comes to online church services, is that no one can copy the copyrighted songs that were performed or sing at the church service. You can broadcast the song online through the service, but the people watching the online church service can’t copy the song. They can just sing along during the service.

Many people aren’t aware that some of the songs performed or sang during the online church service, isn’t allowed to be copied. And, many churches make this mistake and break these rules.

Display Of Lyrics

Most of the churches start to display the lyrics in the church services, and the CCLI license allows this to take place during a service, but this license isn’t included in the Webcasting of these lyrics.

The church needs to get permission with the song writer or these lyrics to webcasting these lyrics online with the online church services. Churches can avoid this problem, by just making sure that the lyrics aren’t in the picture when filming the church service for online usage.

Using Copyrighted Audio

Some churches make use of sound recordings during the service. With the sound recordings, we don’t mean pre-reordered sounds from the organ. We mean music recorded and made by someone else in a recording studio. Every church using these sound recordings, needs to get permission from the recorder, to be able to webcasting these audio.

Using these audio during an online church service, without the correct permission can cause problems for the church and the person responsible for the online service. The best option is for churches who streams online to avoid using these recorded audio music during the services.

Using Images During Services

It’s allowed to use copyrighted images during a service, to make the service more understandable, but it isn’t allowed to webcasting these copyrighted images. This could happen that during the online church service, these images get recorded and showed online, but this also can cause unnecessary problems for the church and the responsible person.

If you’re using copyrighted pictures during a service, you need to get permission from the person who took the picture, or you need to avoid these pictures get recorded during the online service. This is the only way of making sure that no rules about using copyrighted images are broken.

There’s some things around webcasting online church services that we normally don’t think about. We think that it’s allowed to webcasting everything that’s going on in the church for the online church service, but the facts are that some things are copyrighted, even if we allowed to use it in the church. But, you can’t show it with the webcasting of the online church service.

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